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A Cow’s Milk Reveals Her Health

Milk contains natural defenses against microbes. The innate immune defense system in milk evolved to protect the mother and suckling offspring from infections. Molecular components of the innate immune system in milk are sensitive biomarkers of the health of the dairy cow. In the future, a milk sample may predict the cow’s health and allow more rapid management of disease. …

Spinose Ear Tick, a New CA Dairy Pest

Urgent Alert for California Dairy Producers with Freestall barns: you may have spinose ear tick on your dairy. Traditionally, ticks have not been a problem for California dairy producers; however, this particular tick species has been discovered recently on multiple dairies in the state. Watch this brief interview with UC Extension Entomologist Alec Gerry as he explains, and read more …

Dairy Producer Considerations for Genomic Testing

Dairy Producer Considerations for Genomic Testing

Genomic Testing was a big topic of discussion at the World Ag Expo dairy seminars this year. Genomic Testing is a new technology that is becoming more available and affordable to dairy producers; however, there are still many questions as to how it all fits in to individual dairy operations. Watch this brief video interview with Genetic Programs Manager at …

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