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December 2014

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Milk Price
High Global Supply Drops Prices -
Class 1 milk prices have continued to drop through the holiday season, where perhaps more demand and increased prices for commodities like cheese and butter will be seen in the other classes. Class 1 milk prices were recently announced by the California Department of Food and Agriculture at a minimum value of $23.72/CWT in Northern California and $23.99/CWT in Southern California. Learn current prices for the other milk classes and their contributing factors in the industry by reading this story in the December issue of California Dairy magazine.

Scott Taylor Retires from DHIA West
Honoring a Lifetime of Service -
DHIA West, formerly known as the California Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA), recently announced the retirement of Scott Taylor as General Manager, effective December 31st. Alfred Duran will assume the position as General Manager effective January 1, 2015. The Board of Directors made a unanimous vote of approval to appoint Duran in their recent meeting. The Board also extended their formal approval of Daniel Aguiar, of Winton, CA, as the new Assistant Manager and QC Director, effective October 1st this year. Read more about changes in the DHIA management and about Scott Taylor’s lifetime of service, and innovative contributions, to the California dairy industry in the December issue of California Dairy Magazine.

Doc Talk
Discussion in Animal Health

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