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January 2015

Cow Comfort During Winter Months
Ensure Your Herd’s Health- Dairy herds in California don’t have to contend with the harsh winter weather conditions that herds in some other states do; however, even milder winter conditions can affect herd health and milk production. Although, dairy cows can do quite well in cold temperatures, there are measures dairy producers can take to ensure their herd’s health during the winter and rainy months. Read all about these practices to keep the herd healthy and ensure maximum production for dairy producers in the current issue of California Dairy Magazine.

Health Boosting Compounds in Milk
National Institute of Health Funds Research

Quality Alfalfa Requires Good Fertility
Many Factors in Yield

Udder Things
California Dairy News Briefs

Doc Talk
Determiing US Milk Quality

Keep it Legal
Don’t Put Forages Up Too Dry when Ensiling

Milk Price
Class 1 Price Declines - Unfortunately Class 1 milk prices have plummeted to less than $20/CWT. The minimum price for Class 1 milk in January was recently announced at $19.49/CWT in Northern California and $19.76/CWT in Southern California. That is $4.23 drop from the December minimum price. In fact, dairy producers have not faced that low of a price for Class 1 milk during this time of year since January of 2011, when the minimum price was $16.45/CWT in Northern California and $16.72/CWT in Southern California. Learn current prices for the other milk classes and the contributing factors in the industry by reading this story in the January issue of California Dairy magazine.

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