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March 2015

Building Good Genetics
Specialist Knows Importance of Good Genes

Udder Things
California Dairy News Briefs

Milk Price
Class 1 Drops, Class 4 Rises - Since Dairy producers experienced record-high milk prices of over $26/CWT in October of 2014, prices began declining like a stone rolling down a mountain, and it has not stopped yet. With a weakening global economy and a very large supply of milk, Class 1 milk prices dropped another $0.42 from February, to a minimum price of $16.66/CWT in Northern California and $16.93/CWT in Southern California for the month of March. Compared to 2014 March prices for Class 1 milk, this is a negative difference of $8.72. Learn current prices for the other milk classes and the contributing factors in the industry by reading this story in the March issue of California Dairy magazine.

Management of Nitrogen in Silage
Difficult Task to Stay Within California Limits

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California Dairy News

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