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This Month in California Dairy

Home of America's Large Herd Dairymen

April 2014

Daily Dairy Improvement
Jeff Wilbur Leads Dairy in Progress
Dairy feature of the month, learn about how Jeff Wilbur and his family run the Rio Blanco Dairy in Tulare in this issue of California Dairy magazine. Wilbur focuses on sustainability, self-reliance, and daily improvement for healthy cows and quality milk production. Also, watch the video interview with Wilbur and his employees on the CalAgNet YouTube Channel.

Improving Technology & Dairy Advocacy
Topics at the Western United Dairymen Convention. At the Western United Dairymen Convention, dairy producers gain valuable knowledge on improving the efficiency of their operations, being greater voices in California agriculture and minimizing liability on the dairy. Read the full story in this issue and watch video interviews with the presenters on the CalAgNetYouTube Channel.

Drought Year Forage of Choice?

Treatment Decisions
Procedures for Milking and Dry Cows

Precision-Feeding Dairy Heifers
Maximizing Investments for Quality Calves

Milk Price
High Milk Prices and Dropping Feed Costs


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California Dairy News

Dairy Heat Stress Road Show

DFA Annual Meeting Emphasizes Dedication To Dairy By Members, Cooperative

DFA Reports 2013 Financial Results

67 Students from 10 Colleges Participate in 9th Annual Western Regional Dairy Challenge

Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada Names New Administrator

Holstein Foundation Graduates Young Dairy Leaders

Chance for doubling dairy prices: Slim to None

Teff could be a solution for drought-stricken forage





Milk Prices

UC Davis Cost & Return Studies

California Dairy Research Foundation

Storm Event Visual Inspection Form

California Dairy Quality Assurance Program

Revised MRP

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